about us

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The Global Technology and Suppliers Welcome all the customers.As we Open our services from 2077-12-04(17-March-2021).We provide all the IT equipments in retails and Suppliers mode.Our main aim to give best brand and quality products to customers in valuable amount. 

Our products are:-

  • Lenovo Asus,Dell,HP all Model Laptops.
  • Desktop computer,Monitors
  • Canon,Brother TVS Single and Multiple function Printers.
  • Refill Tonner Powder, Laser Tonner Cartirdge and Ink for all printer.
  • Different Brands Pendrive.16,32,64,128 GB.
  • C.C.T.V Camera set and Installation(HD and Waterproof).
  • Different Types of Mouse and Keyboard(wired and Wireless).
  • Router,Switches and all internet devices.
  • All kinds of Antivirus.(Internet,Total Security)
  • USB and Bluetooth Speaker and Headphones.
  • Repair and maintance are done.